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The Fairy Queen

Searching for Paradise

Girls Night Out

When You Are Old and Grey

Mix Trailer


Jerky Boys

XXXtasy: Two Days in
the Life of a Saint


L'Amour 2

Butch Patrol

Film and Theatre Work ( As writer, director, or both)

The Fairy Queen, full-length play, completed 2005. Developed with the support of the MacDowell Colony, the Envision Residency at Bard College through Voice and Vision Theatre,  and New York Theatre Workshop.

A comedy about love, sex, fantasy, terror, and killing your mother, The Fairy Queen takes place in two neighboring houses in six days on and around 9/11. There are four women: Florence, a schizophrenic Renaissance scholar in her sixties who lives with her mother Edith and is in love with her neighbor Barbara; Barbara, who longs for love but not from her wacky neighbor; and Barbara’s daughter Claire, who’s hiding out from her husband with her mother and is going slowly bonkers.

Searching for Paradise, 2002. 35mm. 88 minutes. Distributed by Sundance Channel Home Entertainment/Showtime Entertainment.

Gilda Mattei, just graduating high school, decides to stay home and take care of her dying father rather than heading off to college. He dies and her world collapses. She becomes obsessed with a Hollywood movie star who she thinks will replace her father in some way. She decides to go meet him. On her journey and in the day and night they spend together, she discovers the world is not quite as romantic as she believed.

Girls Night Out, 1997. 35mm. 32 minutes.

On a Friday evening, Manhattan gallery owner Jack (50's) meets Claire and Victoria (both early 20's) on a Soho street and invites them up to his loft "to see his Max Ernst collages." What ensues is an unexpected and intimate exchange of secrets, dreams, and regrets between strangers.

When You Are Old and Grey , 1997. Video. 8 minutes.
A portrait of the filmmaker’s Italian grandmother, American grandmother and her Irish farmer mother-in-law shot in video and 16mm film in Italy and Ireland.

Mix trailer, 1995. 16mm. 30 seconds. This is a trailer I was asked to create for Mix 1995: The New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film and Video Festival.

LIFEbeat Public Service Announcement 199535mm. 30 seconds.
One of three public service announcements I wrote and directed for LIFEbeat: The Music Industry Fights AIDS for MTV and VH1 in 1995.

Jerky Boys Commercial Spot , 1994.  Video. 30 seconds. One of the many low-budget projects I shot and directed for Atlantic Records in 1994-95.

XXXtasy: Two Days in the Life of a Saint 1993. 16mm. 29 minutes.
A Polish immigrant go-go dancer dreams of Hollywood. A man living in his car dreams of redemption. They meet. A comical, at times brutal,  look at the American dream.

Transeltown, 1992. 16mm. 19 minutes. Experimental narrative that follows a Chaplinesque character on her adventures in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.

Distributed in Europe by Cinenova Film and Video Distribution, London, and in the United States in Joanie for Jackie, one of Miranda July’s Co-Star Tapes.

Butch Patrol, 1989. 16mm. 2 minutes. A girl gang terrorizes and titillates girls with long hair.

L'Amour 2 , 1989. Short film and video piece. 7 minutes. Shown on WNYC-TV/Channel 13. March 1993. A film about the dying and death of the filmmaker's father using film, video,
and audio recordings.