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This is a twelve-minute video that six teenagers -- three from Berkeley High School and three from Oakland Tech -- and I wrote and directed together on the subject "What is safe sex?" as part of a feature-length documentary about their lives entitled "Xchange." Pinch Me Films, a non-profit organization that promotes social change through compelling video and multimedia education, produced the video.

"Six real teens are challenged to create a short film exploring the issues of desire, choice, relationships and sex. Xchange provides six diverse young people the opportunity to tell their stories as they collaborate and develop a short film about important issues they face. We see them as they interview friends and parents, have confessional moments, and write and shoot their film. Xchange’s provocative and intimidating subject matter, unique personalities, and honest approach provides a fresh take on “reality” programming."

Go to for more information on the work they produce and to view the trailer for Xchange and to view "Spread."